Short Stories

Short Stories

I have always written prose pieces and enjoy writing in various styles and genres, which is why the three stories below have a very different tone to The Arben Bridge.

Look to No One But Yourself

I wrote this for a short story competition with Newport University when I was 18 and was over the moon when I found out it had placed second. Rereading it twelve years later has felt very surreal, as it has dated, and I've definitely thought 'that probably wasn't the best way to convey that'. Nevertheless, I'm very proud of this piece as I like to think this is when I started to find my 'voice' as a writer. 


The character of Gramps is inspired by own grandfather (or Bampy, as I called him!) and the natural gift he had for storytelling. When National Storytelling Week came around in 2021, the idea for the piece jumped into my head and then out onto the page.

Fizzy the Rebel Elf

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not exactly festive, but I do try and bit harder each year! In that vein, I decided to write a Christmas story about a sweary and drunken elf (hey, I get points for trying, right?)

When Robin Met Nutmeg

It turns out that writing Fizzy the Rebel Elf gave me the Christmas bug and in 2022 I took another crack at it. When Robin Met Nutmeg  follows the story of a grumpy elf who works in HR (or ER in this case) and how his world is turned upside down when he meets a plucky elf trying to make her way in the world.