Ellie Rees Likes to Write

Hello world!

My name is Ellie Rees and I am an indie author, blogger and features writer.

I've loved writing stories ever since I was about six years old and every Friday in primary school meant getting out our story books and writing for an hour. To me, it was absolute heaven.

As I grew older, I went through many ideas for 'dream jobs' (including a world-famous actress) but my passion to become a writer was clear. Once I reached university, I undertook a creative writing module and began to take an interest in script writing; something I had never considered before. Now I like to write both film and television scripts, as well as prose pieces.

I self-published my debut novel, The Arben Bridge, in April 2020, after many years of writing and editing. I’m so excited that it’s out in the world and the response has been very humbling. You can learn more about the book here.

Finally, I am also a keen blogger and features writer, with a focus on female representation within the media. I like to explore how women and the female experience is shown on screen and hope that 2023 sees my name in more by-lines!

Please feel free to look at my work, and if you're from a top publishing house/ a major Hollywood studio/ just fancy a chat, you can email me or get in touch via my social media handles.

All the best,


Ellie Rees writer