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Ellie Rees Likes to Blog

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Five of TV’s Best Female Friendships

Happy Galentine’s Day! Every February 13th I thank the gods and Leslie Knope that she invented this day to celebrate female friendships. I also love that it has, somehow, filtered through from Parks and Recreation into real life and is now a day in its own right.

In that vein, I have put together a list of my favourite female friendships from television.


1. Leslie Knope and everyone from Parks and Recreation

I have to begin with the queen herself; Ms. Leslie Knope. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I will stan Leslie Knope until the day I die. She’s supportive, caring and utterly in love with all her female friends and, in return, they will do anything for her when she asks. Even the moody April can’t resist their sisterly bond!

2.Jane and Petra from Jane the Virgin

I loved Jane the Virgin; it was a show filled with twists but also had engaging characters that I was rooting for all the way through. Jane and Petra didn’t get off to the best start and spent most of the show as rivals but, even with the numerous love stories in the show, I think the friendship between these two is the most enduring and loving of them all. By the time you reach the finale, you just know that even though they’re very different people, if one of them is ever in trouble, the other will be there within a second to help.

3. Maeve and Aimee from Sex Education

These are another set who seem polar opposites but, somehow, you can’t imagine them ever not being friends. The third series in particular is testament to the writers in creating a realistic and empowered friendship because, despite a big falling out over their different financial backgrounds, it’s clear that the reasons they behave the way they do is because they genuinely want to support the other. It’s so refreshing to see teen friendships depicted this way rather than the bitchy backstabbing of television yore. I genuinely wish I’d seen more of this as a teenager.


4. Jane, Kat and Sutton from The Bold Type

I have no doubt that these characters wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Sex and the City, however, I love that Jane, Kat and Sutton understand the value of female friendship while they’re in their twenties. Like Maeve and Aimee, the assumption is that characters of this age are going to be more like frenemies than friends (because why would women like each other, right?!) but that’s never the case in The Bold Type. I must admit, when I first started watching this show I assumed it would be a stereotypical look at young women in New York, trying to make it in the media world, but it’s so much more than that. You can see how close these friends are from the get-go and that they want to learn from each other’s differences, rather than vilify them.


5. Eloise and Penelope from Bridgerton

I like to think that if these two lived in modern-day London, they would be sharing a grubby flat after rejecting their families’ expectations and swigging whatever prosecco is on offer in Tesco that week. It’s clear that these two have been close from a young age and are more like sisters than friends. Again, they do have different outlooks on life (although I would argue not that different after the last episode) but it’s obvious that their bond and familiarity trumps any disagreement they may have. Oh, to spend an afternoon promenading with these two would be a dream!